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Sunnyside Chevrolet of Elyria, Ohio in conjunction with Greg's Sports, Classic, & Muscle is proud to offer for sale this beautiful 1965 Mustang Fastback Restomod.

Every once in a while, we get a car here that stops even the most ardent car guy cold in his tracks. This is one of those cars. The knowledgeable car guys I know have said- “I don't want to drive it can you just let me ride in it?” “I saw this coming off the truck it's the most amazing car you have ever had here” (we've had 500 plus). These are hardened car dogs. To call this Stang amazing would be, in my opinion, an understatement.

Let's start with the build itself. This one was commissioned and overseen by its owner in Massachusetts that simply wanted the best of old world and new world. He sought out his friend Danny O'Day who did the complete build, and oh what a build it is. Look up Danny O'day, the record holder wheel stander quarter mile guru, and revel in what that man is capable of. This build is a showcase of his skills -incredible.

REAL 427 SIDE OILER. REAL 427 SIDE OILER. Did I mention it's a real 427 side oiler- date code 1967. The story goes that it came out of Junior Johnsons personal inventory but we have no paper trail to prove that. What we do know is that the block is a stock bore (how rare is that) and is fitted with a Nascar Crank and Edelbrock Heads. I also heard the terms “Dyno Fresh and “R” motor- not sure what those terms mean but I'm sure some of you folks out there know. She's a thumper. The owner told me he never even used the Nitrous 250 shot available in the trunk. Said he never needed it. Having driven this car, I understand why.

So, we have an old school, very valuable real side oiler providing motivation. Now, let's look at how that motivation gets transferred. Backed by a TKO 5-speed trans I can say that in 5th the motor is just lumbering along even with its 4.30 rear end. 1st thru 4th you are screaming the power down. Speaking of the third member it's a custom fabricated 9” dead lock positraction. Backed by 35 spline axels. Work of art.

While we are underneath let's mention that Danny custom made the entire chassis that is powder coated and stunning. Heights independent front end, polished A arms, rack and pinion power steering, and 10 setting adjustable shocks and of course individual wheel air ride. Yowsa. The owner/builder I got the car from told me that anytime Danny couldn't find a part exactly as he wanted it he custom made it- front hubs, rear wheel spacer so the rears can just come off in case you want to run drag slicks, the oil pump was a $2700 proposition by the time Danny got done customizing it to his liking. Every piece of sheet metal in the floors has an X in it for strength. Every wire and line through the frame. Getting the picture?

Finally let's talk about the aesthetics. The paint on this car is laser straight, and incredible. If you know how hard it is to get panels flat enough for a black finish like this you know there are HUNDREDS of hours of prep to make a car look like this. I've spent a good bit of time looking for imperfections in the finish and have found virtually none. The Shelby wheels and tires are exactly right for the look of this beauty. The interior is full custom leather with a full cage (we removed the driver and passenger bar for use and photos) and of course is complimented with a great stereo GPS, power steering, power windows (regular cranks for appearance) and full harness seat belts. The Sparco racing seats serve the purpose beautifully. On the dash there are toggles for the regular fuel pump plus the secondary pump for Nitrous. NO SHORTCUTS. PERIOD.

So we all fully understand we have a good bit of paper on this car but we also have an owner who paid cash to have a lot of things done. If you are looking for the paper to prove what this car is this may not be your car- if you know what you are looking at and what things like this cost you will be impressed and won't worry about the “paper”.

You are never going to pull into a car show and see anything you will be jealous of driving this beautiful Mustang. If you do, I'd like to see that car.

Drive it, show it, keep it in a bubble and polish it as a prized possession, the choice is yours once you make it yours.

We stand behind our thoughts on this car by offering our travel expenses guarantee- come see the car and if we have materially misrepresented its condition we will gladly pay half of your travel expenses up to $500.00- this offer had been in place since we sold our first classic and we haven't paid the money yet…. We pride ourselves on having good cars and representing them properly.

Additional pictures and video are available, please call 440-365-7311 for more photos, information or to schedule a test drive.

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