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1966 Plymouth Barracuda

Chrysler didn't set the world on fire with the release of the sporty compact Barracuda on April 1, 1964. That blaze was ignited two weeks later with the premiere of Ford's iconic Mustang. However, Plymouth's work was not in vain, as its pony car entry would one day morph into one of the hottest rides ever to hit the road during the heyday of Detroit's muscle car wars. (Thanks to Scotty Lachenauer MT Magazine)

Oft considered the best year to the first three generations of the early barracudas, our consignment takes the greenhouse glass fastback car and it's equipped with a 273ci V8 now with a 4-barrel carburetor to feed it the fossils. A 4-speed manual transmission is now on, and this brings it up to snuff to be called a Barracuda Formula S clone. A keeper fer sur.

Bright Red bathed steel panels that sculpt this iconic model. Paint is on thick and there are a few areas on the lower parts of the car that have had previous repairs and still show some crinkling, slight rust bubbling, and scratches. Up front the chiseled look for the split chrome grille with a red center portion is in chromed egg crate style. A nice bumper below and a single chrome bezel headlight resides on either side. The hood now has the Formula stripes in black that run back to the front glass, then continue on the rear of the car once you pass by the massive glass on the back. Nice shiny trimmings for the wheel wells and rockers, and flashy dual exhaust make a 90 degree turn to the sides on the back. This car has a black vinyl top that sports an aftermarket sunroof. This black vinyl runs to the B pillars beginnings then red painted metal takes over for just a bit between the vinyl and that greenhouse glass. At the very back of the glass is a large stainless less trimming complete with a big circular barracuda badge also in stainless. Mopar rally wheels with a deep chromed dish edge trimming are on all 4 corners. Quite the catch I'd say!

Our car fishing expedition continues with a swing of the doors where we see red vinyl lower panels with a sideways U shaped black highlighter framing the crank and door actuator as well as a black arm rest. Uppers are painted the body matching red. To the chairs where Volvo buckets in two tone red inserts and black bolsters are luring us in. A long bench which was reupholstered to match the front chairs is across the back under glass. All these seats float beautifully in like new red carpeting. This also covers the rear cargo area which can be expanded by folding down the rear seat. Upfront we see an original dash with two large central instruments and 2 flanking round inset gauges on either side. These are in an aluminum panel which has padded black vinyl dash on top and red painted metal below where an aftermarket AM/FM/Cassette is installed along with an aftermarket tachometer. Cruise control is also installed. Fish ON!!

A flip of the hood, and you'll get reeled in by the stunning condition of this 273ci V8 now topped with a 4-barrel carburetor. The engine is beautifully detailed with a blazing red block, and black valve covers with chromed ribs on top for highlighting. A round chrome air cleaner covers the 4 barrels and supple hoses and wiring abound. On back is now a 4-speed manual transmission, (A833), and the rear axle weighs in as a 8-3/4 inch consigner stated 3.55 gear ratio. Take your time with this new fighter.

Some surface rust and heavy patina for the underside. A few previous repairs have been made to the floor pans. The aforementioned wrinkling on the lower portions can be seen as repaired from the inside of the rear fenders. Upfront some new suspension parts are now on and suspension is front torsion bars and on back some surface rusted leaf springs. Drum brakes are all around and a dual Flowmaster exhaust handles the exhale.

A bit of a difficult time to start this baby, most likely a starter issue or solenoid. We got her swimming though and on the test track it performed nicely. The new seats are wonderfully comfortable.

A nice job turning a grocery getter with a sexy rear glass into a Barracuda Formula S clone. Nice mid 60s muscle car lines, and it gave the public an alternative to the ubiquitous Mustang. Take the hook out and get on in here to our hallowed halls at Classic Auto Mall. It will be a real expedition.

29-2 Door Sports Coupe
D-273ci V8 2bbl 180hp
2-Dodge Main Assy Plant
624707-Sequential Unit Number

B4-Bucket Seats
U1-Sold Car
AB31-273ci V8 2bbl
C1-3 Speed Manual
SO30400005-March 4th Build
BDY BP29-Barracuda 2 Door Sport Coupe
TRM P4H-Red Vinyl
PNT PP1 P-Bright Red, Red Upper Door Frames

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Engine Size
273 V8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Bright Red
Body Style


Interior Color
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Vinyl & Cloth
Shifter Type

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