1966 Ford

Mustang Coupe SOLD

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1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

What happened in 1966: Major News Stories include Miranda Rights / Miranda warning becomes law, Worlds first vertical Jump Jet, the Harrier is introduced, English Channel Hovercraft service begins, China's Cultural Revolution Begins, Subway Strike in New York brings the City to a stop, Miniskirts are in fashion, Charles Whitman kills 14 and injures 31 on a killing spree at the University Of Texas, US has nearly 500,000 troops in Vietnam, Aberfan disaster in South Wales, Vietnam War international days of protest. These were tumultuous times in the US, but all was prosperous, leaving the public with money to spend.

For consignment, a 1966 Mustang, draped in black, and a black and white pony interior. A high optioned car with factory air, power steering, rally pack, and a center console. Many rare options from way back in the second year of the first-generation Mustang.

Black steel panels are on this car, and paint is in fair condition. There are a few areas of fading, and dull spots. The chrome and brite work on this car, is mostly good, although some is missing, and others has screws with in the mountings that are rusted. On the drivers A pillar there is significant rust and is showing signs of invasive rust. The trunk lid has a large area of dulled paint, the drip moldings on either side have rusting under the black vinyl top, along the passenger belt line is a large long area of paint missing due to scraping an exterior object, and under the door bottoms invasive rust has started. A long trim molding is on the rocker on either side and remains shiny. Bumpers are shiny and bright, and the grille retains its luster. 14-inch styled steel wheels are on all 4 corners, and a spare in the trunk. Trumpet chromed tubes tip off the exhaust piping which peeks out of the lower rear panel through chrome bezeled holes.

All original and all pony optioned with the two-tone seats (white horizontal tuck and roll inserts) and smooth black bolsters, with a run across each back of embossed galloping ponies, hence the “pony option” interior. On the dash is the long oval wood appliqué dash with a central speedometer and dual flanking smaller gauges fuel, oil, amps and temp in their respective lineup. The rally pack gauges are attached to the top of the steering column and sport a clock on the right and a tach on the left. Moving across the dash are temperature and fan levers which have a slight area of rust erupting the on the metal front dash panel. Below is a factory A/C unit with fan controls and the round ball vents to direct A/C in every direction. In the rear are dual very clean matching style two tone 2 plus 2 seats, and black carpet is flooring the floor. Also noted is the black with aluminum strip emblazoned center console which races from the rear of the front buckets forward to the dash, and houses some storage, and the automatic “T” style shifter. On the passenger side is another long oval wood appliqué panel, which includes the door for the glove box. Again, some faults in the paint on the dash front are noted. Door panels are original and nicely preserved in black tuck and roll and shiny handles with some extra vents on the bottoms of the doors.

Under the hood, in the original engine bay, is the original 289ci V8 which has plenty of patina throughout, and a shiny air filter housing in chrome, and a 4-barrel carburetor below. On back of this mill, is a C4 3-speed automatic transmission, and way back a Ford 8-inch rear.

Fairly well preserved with slight surface rust, some small areas of rust on the frame but nothing to create any structural problems. Floor pans are clean, and there is a slight area of invasive rust on the very back of the frame as it nears the rear bumper and leaf spring mounting area. Independent coil springs for the front, and leaf springs for the rear make up the suspension, and drum brakes are seen all around.

This car fired right up, and we took off to the test track. Upon pushing the accelerator, we noticed some oil burning with a puff of blue smoke from the trumpet exhaust tips in our rear-view mirror. This car had decent acceleration, and good cruising speed with a smooth ride. We did notice some moisture within the front carpets, and an overall musty smell to the interior, so there may be water getting inside. Based also in the dash condition, and A pillars, there seems to be water invading, and then settling on the floors. All options worked fine, and the rally pack gauges worked save for the clock.

A high optioned car with chromed trumpet exhaust tips, factory A/C, rally pack gauges, a center console, power steering and a pony interior. Overall fair to good condition, a possible restoration project where you have the making of a rare optioned beautiful 66 example to perfect. Or just get in push the starter button under the dash and gallop into the sunset.

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Sub Model


Engine Size
289 V8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic


Body Color
Body Style


Interior Color
Black & White
Seating Type
Buckets With Console
Seat Material
Shifter Type

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