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2013 Ford Shelby GT500

Any organization that is still thriving over 100 years after its founding is bound to have a number of important people come and go throughout its history, and this especially rings true for the Ford Motor Company. Beginning with Henry Ford himself, many members of the Ford family left their mark and carried the mantle for their namesake's company throughout the 20th Century and beyond. Many memorable people have come and gone over the years, but one of the most influential men in the history of Ford was never a full-time employee of the company. That individual was Carroll Shelby. From the early 1960's all the way to his death in 2012, Carroll Shelby had a relationship with the Ford Motor Company, which, like the American automotive industry, had its share of peaks and valleys.

For consignment the result of a collaboration with Carrol Shelby and the blue oval, and you know it has some serious HP's (650) and a serious engine (5.8 Liter Supercharged V8). It is also seriously menacing draped in black, painfully (in a good way) appealing and mesmerizing comfortable leather and suede interior. All with a mere 11,800 actual miles, you may have to drain the break in synthetic oil?

Maintaining the throwback look of the original Mustang with their brooding grille and horizontal hooded headlamps, to the hockey stick coves in the front quarters and doors, to the B pillar vent (now covered) and rear spoiler, we see a draping of gloss black on straight steel panels, and dual wide racing stripes in matte black running up the center front bow to stern. 19-inch black contemporary looking spoked mag style wheels are on front and 20 inch for the rear. The 3 grouping of the vertical rectangle tail-lamps also goes back to its roots of design, as does the louvered fastback rear greenhouse glass showing shades of the 65 Fastback.

Door panels make use of some vertical tuck and roll leather and even the design of this panel is reminiscent of model years that have come before. Beautiful high back buckets for the front have tuck and roll suede inserts and smooth black leather bolsters. Embroidered within the backs between the seat back and integrated see through headrest portholes is a Cobra badge looking ready to strike. The 2 plus 2 rear seats are tight but comfortable and covered all in leather. A center console houses the shifter and some storage, rises from the center hump and provides room for the AM/FM/CD stereo and backup cam and navi screen. To the drivers dash we turn our eyes and more retro with the dual round deepest speedo and tach, with a central info screen in digital form. This is fronted by the original steering wheel, complete with radio controls, phone Bluetooth hookup, and cruise control buttons. black carpet covers the floors and more embroidered white Cobras snarl at you from below.

Is 650 Horses enough for you? It is all buttoned up and under the hood in a very clean engine bay, and it presents itself as a 5.8 Liter V8 that just so happens to be supercharged. EFI and a TR6060 6-speed manual transmission with a Ford 8.8 inch 3.31 TracLoc rear axle move you forward.

Save for a few dirt splatters the undercarriage could be considered showroom. A stainless Cat Back exhaust runs underneath, and we can note independent with coil springs in front, and a 3 link with pan head bar suspension on the rear. Power Brembo disc brakes are dealt out all around and all is looking excellent underneath

One needs to be very gentle with a car that produces 650 HP, and this car is no exception. Lights right up and has a menacing growl as we made our way to the test track. Acceleration is neck snapping, handling is on rails, and steering response is lightning quick. It is a nice cruiser especially in 6th gear, it feels like it could go on forever, but sadly our test drive has to come to an end.

Wow! would sum this car up, with eye popping HP, skin hugging leather seats, plenty of conveniences and loads of fun, this throwback design is very modern and stylish, which does not allow the earlier models to even hold a candle to this performer, but it pays tribute to those that have come before it.

VIN Decode
1ZV-Automotive Alliance International, Ford Passenger Car
B-Manual Belts & Airbags
P8J-Shelby GT500 Coupe
Z-5.8L V8 650hp
4-Check Digit
5-AAI: Flat Rock, MI Assy Plant
272781-Sequential Unit Number

Door Sticker
INT TR QX-Charcoal Black With Black Accents, With Recaro Leather
AX GG-3.31
TR E-TR6060 6 Speed Manual

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Shelby GT500


Engine Size
5.8L V8 Supercharged
Fuel Specification
92/93 Octane
Engine Type
Transmission Type
6 Speed Manual


Body Color
Body Style
Paint Type


Interior Color
Seating Type
Buckets With Console
Seat Material
Leather & Suede
Shifter Type

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