1967 Ford

Mustang Fastback GT 500 Tribute SOLD



1967 Ford Mustang Fastback GT500 Tribute

A tribute car is defined as a car that has been highly modified to look mostly like the original but has parts from any year and by any means does not carry parts or available options from that particular year. The word clone represents a car that was available in whatever year and sits with the same mechanicals as a numbers matching car. Using correct parts and options but without the numbers matching engine, drivetrain etc.

For consignment a tribute car which pays homage to the 1967 Mustang Fastback, but utilizes many different than original parts, some even improved over what would have been same year parts or drivetrain. This car pays tribute to the 1967 version of the Mustang Fastback GT500, with plenty of extras. This consignment started life as a C code (V8) fastback with an automatic transmission and has undergone a complete restoration transforming it to the Shelby Fastback GT500 form it is today.

Maroon now covers the steel panels that include a molded in B pillar aero vent, some wide white stripes, and an above rocker triple threat stripe with GT500 logo within, and the Shelby Cobra badge just above. The paint can be described as excellent overall, and the chrome is the same. Window trimmings, side mirrors handles are also all excellent. The front grille now sports dual large round fog lamps nestled together in the center. A rear spoiler has been molded into the rear deck and presents seamlessly. The taillights are looking Shelby; however they do not operate sequentially like the Shelby. 15-inch Shelby 10 spoke wheels are all around.

Paying tribute to the original Shelby the dash now takes on the form of the GT500. Large round gauges flank the steering column and other smaller round gauges are scattered about in a field of brushed stainless. All gauges are white faced Autometer brand with a black font. Embedded within the interior A pillar are an analog clock and a voltmeter, also white faced. The spread winged dash top frames a Kenwood Sirius receiver, and a Kenwood AM/FM/Cassette player tucked in where the original radio would have been. A nicely felted headliner remains fairly tight showing only a few slight wrinkles. Also, a note to the interior vents, which melt seamlessly into the interior B pillars.

A 428ci Police Intercepter V8 is now under the hood. It retains stock heads matched to the intake of the Intercepter…C8AE-M casting number. On top are dual Holley 500 CFM, 4 barrel carburetors, and on back is a 4-speed manual Toploader transmission. For the rear axle a TracLoc Ford 9-inch 3.70 rear axle is observed.

All buttoned up, shiny and unbelievably clean, nary a hint of problems under here! On the rear we note CalTracks traction bars with leaf spring suspension, and on front independent with coil springs. Disc brakes are on front and drums for the rear just like the original GT500. A new Flowmaster exhaust is noted working its way back from the healthy mill.

A wonderful driver, runner, and accelerator. It ran like it was new with only a few glitches. It has noticeably slightly notchy steering, a slight left bias under heavy braking, and there seems to be an alignment issue based on the edges of the front rubber. After you get past half throttle, this car is a screamer, although traction is limited by the rear tires. We also note that the passenger window is inoperable due to a stripped handle or regulator.

A beautiful presenting fast and fun car that will definitely turn heads. Who can now afford an original, and with all the performance upgrades who would want to pay for one? A great way to own a reasonably priced classic, and if something goes awry, it's only a tribute…all be it a gorgeous one!

VIN Decode
T-Metuchen, NJ Assy Plant
02-2 Door Fastback
C-289ci V8 2bbl 200hp
223697-Sequential Unit Number

Warranty Tag
BODY 63A-2 Door Fastback, Standard Vinyl Bucket Seats
COLOR 8-Springtime Yellow
TRIM 2A-Black Vinyl
DATE 05D-April 5th
DSO 11-Boston
AXLE 0-2.79
TRANS 3-3 Speed Manual

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Mustang Fastback
Sub Model
GT 500 Tribute


Engine Size
428 Police Intercepter V8
Fuel Specification
92/93 Octane
Engine Type
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Body Style
Paint Type


Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type

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