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1976 Ford Mustang Cobra

The Ford Mustang Cobra's history is closely intertwined with that of the Shelby Mustangs. Whether you're looking at a Shelby Mustang or a Cobra Mustang, it's been established that they'll represent the pinnacle of Mustang performance. It was Carroll Shelby, not Ford Motor Company, who first used the name Cobra on a car. Shelby-American's AC Cobras were the perfect mix of light European sports car and American V8 power. They could blaze around corners, offering tight handling at incredible speeds.

Shades of the F1 John Player Special…we have an all original (except for the touchup on one of the gold stripes near the windshield and some paint work on the driver's rear quarter panel) black and gold Mustang II. This would represent the second generation of the Mustang, and it was made with the cooperation of Carroll Shelby. An amazingly low 25,615 original miles, and we are in possession of a time capsule.

A ”Cobra II" appearance package with black grille, simulated hood scoop, front and rear spoilers, quarter window louvers, accent stripes and Cobra badging on the front fenders all dressed up in beautiful black with gold stripes and it is a shiner. A few chips in the paint here and there, but it's original. Sporting the obligatory hockey stick cove in the doors and rear quarters, and now a large trio of rear taillights, this car was not flying off the shelves in 1976 due to the gas crisis. Although Mustang recorded their highest sales year with the Mustang II for this year. Glass is all good, badging its beautiful decal forms, and 13-inch aluminum slot wheels all polished and wrapped in 195/70R13's and a Cobra never looked so good.

Opening the doors we are greeted with fresh black vinyl door panels with some aluminum trim panels and black carpet below. This is all in amazingly good condition looking like new. To the passenger compartment where we see front buckets and a rear 2 plus 2 bench, with all these surfaces covered in a square waffle stitched vinyl pattern with buttons draped in black. These seats are all excellent in their condition. A black center console races forward and has a spacious storage box and a wood knob topped shifter. The dash is all original and pristine also in black but sporting a clean brushed aluminum gauge and warning light cluster in front of the original steering wheel. All original in these panels, and all very clean. The black tight headliner stretches above, and black carpet also very clean…floods the floors.

Opening the faux scooped hood, we are greeted by a 302ci V8 in all original and unrestored condition. It presents in a nice patina finish, and very little corrosion is seen on this mill. A single 2-barrel Motorcraft 9510 Carb is on top and a Borg Warner 4-speed manual is strapped to the back. Way back is a Ford 8-inch rear, and it has 3.00 conventional gears.

Some slight surface rust on the suspension in the rear, but sturdy black floorpans and unibody construction. All of this is in amazingly nice and preserved condition. Mustang II front suspension, and leaf springs on the rear suspension as well as front disc brakes and rear drums are noted.

As with any low mileage car, we dare not drive it very far, but to complete this section of the description, both my test driver and I ran to drive this example. It fired right up and ran beautifully. Cornered like it was on rails, and has great acceleration. It did not drive like a 43 year old car. Also a good cruiser, with a smooth ride.

We can categorize this car as a survivor, all original, all clean and ready to be enjoyed by the next proud owner. Super low miles and it looks the part, and the snappy black and gold combination and be careful you may be snake bitten from a 1976 example…ssssssssssssss

VIN Decode
F-Dearborn, MI Assy Plant
03-Cobra II 2 Door Hatchback
F-302ci V8 2bbl
235482-Sequential Unit Number

Door Sticker
BODY 69F-2 Door Hatchback Cobra II
COLOR 1C-Black
TRIM AA-Black Corinthian Vinyl
TRANS 6-Borg Warner 4 Speed Manual
AXLE 6-3.00 Conventional
DSO 16-Philadelphia

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Mustang Cobra


Engine Size
302 cu. in. V-8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Body Style


Interior Color
Seating Type
Buckets With Console
Seat Material
Shifter Type

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