1969 Chevrolet

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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko

Don Yenko a major high-performance dealer for many years was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the L72 Camaro. In the years preceding 1969, Don Yenko performed many engine conversions with the 427ci, replacing the factory engine in numerous Camaros and Chevelles. In 1969 however, a new network of super car distributors was established, and Yenko quickly realized it would not be cost effective to swap out every engine. So, he contacted GM and requested these 427's be installed from the factory. The COPO 9561 was established by GM from the central office, and the Yenko Camaro was born, with an initial order of 201.

This wild ride is now on consignment here at Classic Auto Mall. It is now in the hands of its 3rd owner and due to a full restoration, it is in near perfect condition. It is almost perfect, and a work of automotive art.

With this unassuming original Camaro look, you may pass it right by, however upon closer inspection, that Daytona yellow in beautiful condition, miles deep and buffed to perfection, sports some correct Yenko stickers in the form of a Yenko Diamond on the front of the hood, and dual racing stripes going to the windshield, ending in an cowl induction hood covering a 4-barrel Holly carb directly underneath. Also, a black side spear sticker, starting at the front quarter, and racing rearward widens at the rear quarter with more Yenko badging, ending upward framing a rear spoiler. A beautiful black vinyl top is on and has nice chromed trimmings surrounding the glass. Chrome bumpers are excellent, dual poles peek out from under the rear, and on all 4 corners are 15-inch rally wheels. A note to the grille which is egg crate style and is just perfect.

Fully restored it is hard to find any fault on this interior. Nice black door panels have shiny cranks and a nifty rectangular Camaro badge in the center. Beautiful buckets draped in black vinyl float in a sea of unmarked nice black carpet. The simple original dash is upfront, as is the original steering wheel. Added are a trio of gauges relaying pertinent information to the driver, which hang under the center of the dash. Above the headliner seems fairly tight with a few panels showing just a bit of sagging. The headrests on the buckets have a Yenko vinyl appliqué badge on each one.

The mean spirited 427ci V8 L72 is correct, original and numbers matching. It sports the correct MN stamping code, correct Holly Carb, #3959164GE List 4346 983 is atop the correct intake manifold direct from Chevrolet. A numbers matching 4-speed manual Muncie M21 transmission is strapped to the rear of the menacing mill, and a correct posi trac Eaton 12-bolt 4.10 rear axle is noted. One must understand how rare it is for a Yenko Camaro to retain its original drivetrain. Most were thrashed, abused, crashed, or ridden hard and put away wet so this American Icon is truly a shining star.

Just wonderfully restored with clean and sound undercarriage parts, power disc brakes up front, and power drums in the rear.

This car fires up immediately and runs just swimmingly as expected. Due to its intrinsic value we allowed the consigner to demonstrate! We can say the front end will lift upon acceleration and it sounded fantastic.

A piece of COPO history here with an enterprising speed man taking advantage of the system, until it was found out that any dealer could order a COPO Camaro and indeed the engines were being installed within the factory confines. Still the initial concept is there, and overall, we are looking at very limited production numbers. And this particular car is well documented, and in wonderful condition.

Correct Alternator #1100837
Correct Ignition Coil #1115238
Correct Water Pump #3969811
Incorrect Distributor #1112168

This Car Carries the Following COPO Codes:
COPO 9561 (L72 427ci V8 425hp)
COPO 9737 (Sport Car Conversion)

VIN Decode
24-Camaro V8
37-Sport Coupe
N-Norwood, OH Assy Plant
677385-Sequential Unit Number

Trim Tag
ST 6912437-1969 Camaro V8 Sport Coupe
BDY NOR107789-Norwood Body #
TR 711-Black Standard Interior
PNT 76B-Daytona Yellow, Black Vinyl Top
08D-4th Week August 1969 Build
X44-Base Car
D80-Air Spoiler Equipment Group

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Sub Model


Engine Size
427ci V8 L72
Fuel Specification
94 Octane +
Engine Type
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Daytona Yellow
Body Style


Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type

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