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1967 Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO became known as "The Goat" due to an interpretation of the letters that make up its name. Figuratively speaking, the car's "defiant, stripped-to-the-basics personality" also had a hand in cementing the moniker, according to Edmunds.com. It is speculated that the acronym GTO, which stands for Gran Turismo Omologato, was taken from the Ferrari 250 GTO. American consumers have a history of shortening the names of cars with multiple syllables, and this likely influenced the nickname of this Pontiac brand. "The Goat" is catchy, easy to remember and was essentially born out of convenience.

We often say here at Classic Auto Mall you never know what is going to show up at the door on a daily basis, and when this beauty arrived, we all just smiled, and pushed each other out of the way to do our test track drive! A mere 56,172 original miles, Starlight Black, a high percentage (99.5%) that it is a numbers matching car, and factory A/C this “goat” is a sight to behold!

This writer's favorite version of the venerable GTO the Pontiac division got it all right this year. Stacked dual headlights framed with pristine mirror-like bezels flank a woven wire chromed grille with signal lights and GTO badging, and a lower bumper with nary a mark or dimple on it. Looking down the line towards the rear we can see only straight steel, well minded gaps, and miles of Starlite Black paint covering broken up by a white pinstripe, and a lower stainless rocker cover again with the GTO badge up front next to the wheel well. A long straight scooped hood backs up to clean glass all around all framed by shiny polished trim. Moving to the back a long laser straight trunk lid curves downward to the foursome of horizontal thin rear taillight clusters, and more gorgeous framing of chromed trim and a snappy rear bumper. There are paint jobs and there are PAINT JOBS and this is certainly the latter, just buffed out to a luxe gleam and smooth as glass all around. Lest we forget a perfect vinyl top in black covers the roof and you've gotta love those flying buttress B pillars that frame the rear glass deep set within them. 15-inch Pontiac Rally 2 wheels are all around and sport some red accenting within the wheel nuts and the PMD badged caps.

You can take this interior to the bank in Parchment off white…the vinyl is just beautifully preserved and pristine. Door panels front buckets and rear bench are like new. A wood appliqué covers the center console which races through the front buckets making room for a Hurst his/hers automatic shifter and goes forward hiding under the original dash. More perfect wood appliqué for the gauge cluster, and center panel which houses the airflow levers and a digital radio. To add more wood, an aftermarket wood rimmed steering wheel fronts the appliqué. A trio of aftermarket gauges provides more driver input as to the vitals of when this car is off and running. Black carpet floods the floors, a crack free padded dash top in black and whitey tighty headliner floats perfectly above all this interior beauty.

A lift of the hood, and we are being stared at with the steely blue gaze of the resorted engine block and intake manifold, and its chromed valve caps. An original to this car (we cannot use the term numbers matching due to a lack of stamping in this era of manufacture, however based on stamping code, casting number and casting date it is highly likely this was the engine that came with this car from the factory) 400ci V8 pumping out 335 horses, is topped by #670 heads and a 4-barrel Rochester Quadrajet carb (#7037262) with A.I.R. is atop. On back a TH400 3-speed automatic is in use to push power back to a 10-bolt 3.08 rear.

Up on our lift we literally could turn this car upside down, and run it around and every one would be just as impressed with first and finish under here as well as you would be for the topside. No rust, sexy Doug's headers (yes headers can be sexy to a car guy!) snake rearward to a Pypes stainless exhaust system, all the while running past perfect black floorpans and unibody frame. Power drum brakes are all around and all is very well underneath.

As mentioned, myself and my decoder/muscle car expert/all around good guy were clamoring to take it for a test and it certainly did not disappoint. This baby lit right up, has an awesome exhaust tune, and runs just fab! Handles nicely, great acceleration, and all functions are functioning as they should. It was worth the fight to get in!

A true highlight and if you are even a lukewarm fan of the GTO a must see when visiting the ever-changing halls of the expansive and very impressive Classic Auto Mall. One of the nicest paint jobs in our halls, and a well buttoned up restoration worth its weight in muscle car gold. (although its Starlite Black!)

VIN Decode
17-2 Door Hardtop
P-Ponitac, MI Assy Plant
113542-Sequential Unit Number

Trim Tag
09D-4th Week September Build 1966
ST 67 24217-1967 GTO 2 Door Hardtop
BDY PON2323-Pontiac, MI Body #
TRIM 224 S-Parchment Buckets
PNT N-Burgundy
EO-Tinted Glass
Mirror Group
2KZGP-Air Conditioning
M40 3 Speed Automatic, Console, Radio
4F-Outside Remote Mirror
5Y-Custom Seatbelts

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Engine Size
400 V8
Fuel Specification
92/93 Octane
Engine Type
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic


Body Color
StarLite Black
Body Style


Interior Color
Seating Type
Buckets With Console
Seat Material
Shifter Type

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