1968 Pontiac




1968 Pontiac GTO Coupe

In 1964, a group of passionate and slightly rebellious men at General Motors' Pontiac Motor Division led by John Z. Delorean built a car that not only launched an entirely new market, but also started an automotive revolution. The car was the Pontiac GTO, and it quickly became a thing of legend. The GTO is the car that's widely credited as the first true American muscle car, and it was built with a formula that hot rodders and racers had already been using for decades — a bigger engine in a lighter car.

For consignment a restored GTO with an all new interior, excellent paint, new top, and a completely rebuilt drivetrain. In short a very nice example that is a good runner, and a great looker. We give you the blue streak.

Aptly named for several reasons, the first of which is the car has had its steel panels meticulously massaged to perfection, the coated with a beautiful Harley Davidson, Pacific Blue Pearl. Everyone who sees this car comments on its wonderful color, and it is a true stunner. A virtually new vinyl top has replaced the original and has no marks on it. With its recognizable Pontiac nose up front which frames a dual grille with dual headlights on either end. They hide away nicely leaving what looks like a one-piece grille when closing. A dual intake port hood runs back to a windshield in perfectly framed chrome. Curved body panels do so very gracefully. Remember we are in the era of the coke bottle design, and this car is probably the one that named it. A nice shiny rocker trim works its way around the car, and even makes itself thinner at each wheel well, adding a nice framing to the 15” Polished Centerline AutoDrag style wheels. These are wrapped by Mickey Thompson Indy Profile Tires F70-15 in front and H50-15 in the rear. A wide chrome bumper in the rear houses the taillights and is in very good condition. All your competition will see if you race them is red, that of your taillights.

Inviting you inside a new interior in black vinyl covers the door panels, front buckets, and rear bench, as well as the padded dash top. All these are very nice looking much like showroom, with no wear or faults, just '68 Pontiac. A very clean original design dash fronts this collection of vinyl, and houses the correct gauges, and all in working condition. A small center console sits between the buckets and houses a short Hurst T style shifter. The headliner is also black vinyl and very tight and near perfect. Black carpet is on all the floors, and extremely clean, and unstained. Sitting in this interior you will definitely be able to say you are in the black.

Take a 400ci V8 that has 360hp from the factory, that has had its engine block honed during the rebuild. Within the blocks confines we have an upgraded cam that pushes valves @ 2.11/1.77, have a CC of 72, and D-ports. An Edelbrock intake, and Quadrajet 4-barrel carb sit atop and can furiously feed the fossils to the mill which is glad to accept them. A Muncie 4-speed manual transmission is attached, as is a 12-bolt 4.09 geared rear. All this is wrapped up within a very nice engine bay which has been well sorted. Pressing the gas upon starting out, you will be seeing white, smoke that is!

Simply put, clean, mean, shiny black, and you'll love what you're “seen”. No rust here to worry about, just shiny black straight steel and the looks of Independent front suspension, ladder bar rear suspension, and power disc brakes in front, and power drums in the rear. Now I have stars in my eyes.

Just getting in you can tell instantly you are in a quality build as the seats have plenty of padding underneath their shiny skins. The car fires right up, idles smoothly, and is rarin' to go. A push of your boot towards the firewall, and you are off like a prom dress. Nice sound, and just a quality restoration with no creaks or squeaks. One slight ergonomic complaint is the shifter is a bit small and almost out of reach. You have to lean fairly far forward to get ahold of it and remain there is you are quick shifting. Its is not anything you would not be able to become accustomed to, but worth a mention.

The straight panels bathed in that beautiful Harley Blue, iconic Pontiac muscle car design, with lots of muscle, and all wrapped up nicely ready for you to turn the key, and you will be seeing green, oh sorry…blue!

VIN Decode
37-Hardtop Sport Coupe
G-Framington MA Assy Plant
142164-Sequential Unit Number

Trim Tag
07B-2nd Week July Build
STYLE 68 24237-1968 GTO 2d Hardtop Coupe
BODY FRA104206-Framingham Body #
TRIM 223-Black
PAINT Q 2-Verdoro Green, Black Vinyl Top

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Sub Model


Engine Size
400 V8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below
Engine Type
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Pacific Blue Pearl
Body Style


Interior Color
Seating Type
Buckets With Console
Seat Material
Shifter Type

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