2018 Dodge

Challenger SRT Demon $149,500

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The 3,300 SRT Demons made in 2018 represented some of the most exciting news that American muscle car fans were treated to in years, overshadowing the Mustang GT500, the Corvette Z06, and just about every other high-performance motoring announcement in the latter part of the decade. 808HP (over a 100 more horses than the Hellcat) from the factory with a warranty?! If you weren't one of the lucky few that was able to join the exclusive Demon buyers list a couple years back (or even the Hellcat buyers list for that matter), this 6k actual mileage 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the closest thing to a brand-new example you'll likely ever see for sale. Road and track ready, this SRT Demon is simply nuts - with a 2.1 second 0-60 time that easily beats the Tesla Model S, killer good looks, a host of modern options, and a spacious cabin that seats four in the lap of luxury. Twenty years ago, a car like this could barely be conceptualized outside of the race track, yet today this monster is just a call away.
When I think of a classic Demon, a similar shade of red instantly pops into my mind from the popular Mopar palette of the early'70s. Sure, that old color wasn't quite as dynamic as the exciting red you see draped over the stunning Challenger's bodywork, but those nostalgia sensors definitely start ringing when you're standing next to the car. Bright colors are popular on modern muscle cars, but when one looks as sinister as this, you just know it has something up its sleeve. That killer look is aided by the satin black accent treatment on the big scooped hood, lower-body kit, and rear spoiler, giving this street brawler an almost military-like look that's ready to conquer any-and-all foreign insurgents out on the road. I mean, just look at the thing: it looks like it wants to eat your children. If you're wondering whether the car looks tougher than a regular Hellcat, kudos to your perceptive abilities because it is in fact wider, lower, and features beefy fender flares that accentuate the hunkered-down stance even further. Up front the massive grilles and three air vents provide massive air flow, the biggest hood scoop Mopar has ever made looks menacing, and the chin spoiler that still caries its protective yellow strip from the factory floor. Yet even with all that extra hot sauce, briefly this still looks like a familiar Challenger and that's kind of the point, because most folks won't notice until it's way too late. And with just 6k miles on the clock, this one is still brand new in every way that matters.
You already know what to expect in the cabin of a modern Mopar: acres of black leather. But what you might not expect inside a drag-race ready production car with this kind of unbridled power is just how luxurious it all is. When you initially order one of these, it comes with as little as possible inside to shave-off the extra weight from the reinforced body/chassis. But for the cost of $1 (seriously), things like a passenger seat, radio, A/C, etc. could all be added back on, and it's obvious the original owner of this Demon said, "Give me the works!". It's loaded, featuring pretty much everything 2018 had to offer in a high-end car. The deeply sculpted and bolstered seats are probably one step away from what they used in the space shuttle and the acceleration forces you'll experience are similar. As we said, everything on this car is like new, including the seats, which have little to no wear visible anywhere. The carpets, door panels, and, well, everything else, is in showroom fresh condition. Play with the controls and you'll find that you have a vast array of menus in the infotainment screen that can be used to fine-tune almost every aspect of the car's performance, including a puzzling "Eco" mode that seems oxymoronic here, 'limiting' the car to only 500 horsepower. Suede trim, a trick shifter that's reminiscent of the old Slap Stick, and enough knobs and buttons to keep you busy for a month are all included. There's even a big trunk out back, although it's mostly been gutted to save weight.
The 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8 is the most powerful production engine in the US, with 808 horsepower and 717 lb-ft of torque on tap with pump gas. On high-test 100 octane, you're looking at 840 horses and 770 lb-ft torque. In all honesty, this thing is absolutely bonkers in every way – 0-60 in 2.1 seconds, insane launch capability, other-world braking, a myriad of race and drag modes, and white-knuckle excitement unlike anything an American production car has ever bragged about. It's frankly too much power, too much speed, too much being too much. It's the ultimate Mopar muscle car, and the thing just flat-out works. Turn the key and it starts instantly and idles perfectly. It burbles through a 50-state emissions-legal exhaust system, and it happily swills pump gas. An 808 horsepower car does all this! I can barely get my head around it. It's linked to a built 8-speed automatic transmission, which may seem like the easy way out until you realize that the car is faster with a computer handling the shifts and you'll be too busy holding on with two hands and screaming like a girl for it to matter. The racing suspension and chassis is beefed up, the brakes are as big as manhole covers, and the special transbrake function builds and holds more power at the drag strip. It gets special black forged 18x11 alloy wheels shod with Demon-specific 315/40/18 Nitto stickies that are rumored to have the most fragrant tire smoke.
The SRT Demon Challenger is here. If you're ready for the biggest, baddest production car of all time, well, this might be your only chance. Call now!

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Sub Model
SRT Demon


Engine Size
6.2L Supercharged V8
Transmission Type
8-Speed Automatic


Body Color


Interior Color

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