1969 Pontiac

Firebird Coupe SOLD



1969 Pontiac Firebird Coupe

By 1953, the research team had produced the Firebird XP-21, later referred to as the Firebird I, which was essentially a jet airplane on wheels. It was the first gas turbine-powered car tested in the United States. The design was entirely impractical, with a bubble-topped canopy over a single-seat cockpit, a bullet-shaped fuselage made entirely of fiberglass, short wings, and a vertical tail fin. A small version adorns the top of the Harley Earl Trophy given each year to the winner of the Daytona 500

From these early winged designs and concepts to this consigned car, the 1969 Version, Pontiac has a fan base that is not Mopar oriented, or in love with Mustangs or Camaros. They are true to their brand, and loyal to the Pontiac moniker and the Firebird. For the first 80,000 miles of its life, this car was driven on a daily basis by its original owner. The current consigner purchased the car and then we can ring the bell for let the upgrading begin!! DING

Pontiac's have always been “beaked” in front and this pony car is no exception. With a molded rubber front setup, and just a fraction of chrome in the center, this all-encompassing setup includes the chromed grille center area, and the dual headlights. Working our way back the long hood we see vented quarter panels, a smatter of red Firebird script badging, and a gray pin striping. A small rear trunk deck and my favorite year for Pontiac with the dual horizontal slit brake lights framed by the bumper with a bump for the license plate. A few frowns with some dings, rust spots and chipping are there but it is believed to be original paint.

Gre-e-e-e-n…. Green Green Gre-e-e-e-n vinyl high bucket seats in front and a rear bench both having faux stitched horizontal pleating centers, and smooth bolsters. A plain hump cuts through the center of the buckets (we are pre-console) and shows a Hurst shifter. Door panels are much like the seats with the pleating and green vinyl. An angled dash has all the right stuff and in working condition. Headliner is unremarkable, and carpet is slightly faded but still a good green.

This is the meat of the second owners work on this car starting with boring the original 350ci V8 0.30 over, throwing in some new pistons, cam, improved intake manifold, carburetor, a little work on the heads. Unbolt the original Powerglide and bolt on a rebuilt date coded Muncie 4-speed manual, and the mild mannered beak nosed pony car becomes somewhat more like a bird of prey.

Seen is the original suspension setup, a new radiator, starter alternator and battery. Surface rust is there as well as corrosion from most likely the northeast's penchant for using road salt. 4-wheel drum brakes are all around.

An example that is mechanically sound and needs some TLC on the exterior. Original exteriors from 1969 are worked very hard over the years with the sun beating down on then and as mentioned the ubiquitous salt, takes its toll. Definitely a drive right out of the Classic Auto Mall and be happy. A bit of bodywork, a coat of nice paint, and you have a fine example of the Firebird from '69.

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