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2018 Chevrolet COPO Camaro GM uses the term COPO (Central Office Production Orders) mainly for fleet sales. Back in 1969, thanks to a bit of manipulation of “da rules”, certain Chevrolets could be ordered with engines not generally available to the public. In that year 69 COPO Camaros were built. As in 1969, in 2018 they used a definition of purpose (a 9 second wheel standing 5.7 Liter Supercharged Beast for the strip) to create another fleet of 69. The more things change the more they stay the same.

This coupe, a Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Collector Package adorned quarter miler draped in Crush color, is number 69 of 69 for 2018. A lucky lottery winner of the rarest of yearly bow tie production, the consigner trusted us with this car which is still in the wrapper. Reams of precise factory build documentation, special binders splattered with COPO, a race suit, car cover, a second engine still in the crate, and a racers package all boxed and ready for show. And we will throw in a trailer!

Crush as in “Orange you glad its Orange?” is broken up by Satin Graphite Metallic painted stripes. Silver Ice Metallic accent stripes in vinyl also go along with the painted ones. Peppering the front and rear are ominous black bow ties, and along with the theme let's go with darkened tail lamps and center brake lamp. A Hot Wheels vinyl logo screams on the rear quarter panel, as well as the center of the steering wheel, and door sills. Wheelie bars and a COPO Simpson Parachute bring up the rear.

Inside this ripped Camaro you'll find a utilitarian interior that's fortified by an NHRA-certified chromoly roll cage. Within that cage “COPO” branded seats outfitted with 5-point Simpson harnesses reside. In front of those seats, an amazingly simple vinyl dash has all the necessary controls such as power switches for fuel, electrical power, pump, start, and engine fan. Beneath the dash, fresh carpet frames a competition Hurst shifter. The driver turns a Hot Wheels branded Camaro wheel still factory wrapped, all beneath a quality Simpson window net. And behind the cockpit, in the trunk hides dual batteries and an aluminum fuel cell. The inside of the deck lid features the signatures of the dedicated builders involved in the construction of this car.

A 5.7 Liter Supercharged engine resides under the hood. The serial number on the engine matches the car. An additional carbon fiber air intake can be fitted for competition, and the inter cooler has a quick change coupling in case of a change needed. No car guy worth his salt will dispute the merit of anything with eight cylinders and a Chevrolet badge! This Camaro's horsepower is generated by 5.7 Liters of big bore V8 that's based on GM's award winning Generation IV small block. Unofficial horsepower is believed to be north of 1200. At the top of that hand-built engine, a carbon fiber air box feeds a COPO-branded, Whipple intake. That intake, plumbed with Holley electronic fuel injection, feeds Chevrolet Performance LSX heads. At the sides of those heads, bright plug wires thread stainless American Racing Headers, which cradle an aluminum LSX block that's decked in vivid Chevy Orange paint. A Hydramatic 400 3 Speed transmission, throws power to the rear via a spool type differential and heavy duty axle shafts.

This NIB (New In Box) Chevrolet COPO Camaro, along with an extra 427CI Naturally Aspirated engine (with a matched serial number as well) in its wrapped crate, extensive factory documentation with regards to build, finish etc, and a 50th Hot Wheels Anniversary Edition to boot, can be had at the Classic Auto Mall showroom. We will even throw in a 24' enclosed trailer. Wrapping a Chevrolet V8 in sparse amenities, factory-tested performance hardware and quite possibly the best color offered on the eighth generation COPO Camaro, this coupe is in excellent “fresh off the line” factory condition. Looking for classic but updated style, rarity, and incredible performance, look no further.

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COPO Camaro


Engine Size
350 V8
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3 Speed Automatic


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