Ford Mustang

America's Favorite Pony Car

The original Ford Mustang was introduced to the public on April 17th, 1964 after an official unveiling by Henry Ford II during New York World's Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York. That same day, the all-new Mustang model galloped its way into Ford dealership showrooms across America where it proved an instant success with approximately 22,000 orders placed immediately. In fact, sales far exceeded what Ford predicted by almost six times. The all-new Ford Mustang appeared on the covers of both Newsweek and Time magazine, and the car appeared in commercials on three major television networks the night before it went on sale.

1993 Ford

Mustang Convertible


2007 Ford

Mustang GT500 Super Snake


2007 Ford

Mustang Shelby GT


1971 Ford

Mustang Spring Special


1997 Ford

Mustang SVT Cobra


1971 Ford

Mustang Mach 1


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2021 Ford

Mustang Shelby GT500 Golden Ticket


1988 Ford

Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible


2003 Ford

Mustang Cobra Convertible


2004 Ford

Mustang Mach 1


2007 Ford

Mustang GT Premium


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1976 Ford

Mustang Mach 1


2008 Ford

Mustang Shelby GT500


1998 Ford

Mustang Cobra SVT

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1973 Ford

Mustang Convertible


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1970 Ford

Mustang Convertible

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2020 Ford

Mustang Shelby GT500 Golden Ticket


1999 Ford



2015 Ford

Mustang GT


2010 Ford

Mustang Roush 427R Supercharged


2016 Ford

Mustang GT-H