Dodge Charger

America’s automotive evolution

The Dodge Charger started life as a show car in 1964. While the Dodge Charger fits into many categories, the very first time the moniker was used, the car is showed up on was unlike anything made up to that point. The Dodge Hemi Charger concept was a purebred muscle car with a 600 horsepower engine and three-speed manual transmission. Inspiration for the original design of the single show car was based on the Polara and fitted with a 426 Wedge engine. The name then showed up in 1965 on certain Dodge Darts as a “Charger 273” as a hardtop or convertible, all yellow with black tops, and options like Crager wheels and the 273 engine.

1974 Dodge

Charger SE


1971 Dodge

Charger SRT Serpent Concept


1971 Dodge

Charger Daytona Prototype Concept


1969 Dodge


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